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Court Rules
Call 800-444-1187 to pay by phone, or go to www.trafficpayment.com     

Cell phones and pagers are to be turned to silent before entering the courtroom.

All defendants should take a seat in the courtroom.

The clerk will call your name when it`s your turn to approach the bench.

Fines and court costs are due the night you appear in court.

Cash, money orders, cashiers checks and credit/debit cards are accepted.

Every ticket is assessed with a court cost of $27.50, in addition to the fine.

If a ticket is Nolle Pros. a court cost will NOT be assessed.

For defendants who have posted a cash bond please note that if you are to receive a refund you will not receive the refund on court night - your refund will be mailed to you.

Attorneys: Please fill out an entry of appearance. We will attach the entry to the case file at the clerk`s window. Please print clearly and include your bar number.
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